Gear Review: Mosquitno Wrist Bands and Spots

Mosquitno Wrist Bands and Spots

Black fly and mosquito season overlap in Maine. Black fly season starts just about the time the brook trout start to bite. It’s poor timing. Black flies are enough to keep even dedicated anglers away from the water. I went out as prepared as possible with a Mosquitno Band on my wrist and a Spotz on the visor of my cap. The black flies were as heavy as expected, and Mosquitno saved the evening. The Spotz on my cap kept the black flies out of my face and hair. Had I not had the Spotz I’d have resorted to a heavy chemical bug spray. I was able to hike through the woods, explore a new pond and its dam, catch trout, and return to the truck without a single bite on my face. That’s a minor miracle because black flies are notorious for biting around the hair line, behind and inside ears and on the neck. I didn’t spend any time brushing them away.

The Mosquitno Spot worked wonders at keeping the mosquitoes and black flies away from my face.

The Mosquitno Spot worked wonders at keeping the mosquitoes and black flies away from my face.

At the beginning of mosquito season I wore the Mosquitno Band again (after saving it in its zipper pouch for a few days after fishing). It’s waterproof and held up well to dipping my arm into the water while I relaxed in the kayak. The black flies and mosquitoes were out that evening and driving me crazy but I had a Mosquitno Spotz on my life jacket. Again, the Spotz saved the day. The breeze wasn’t heavy enough to blow away the biting pests but the citronella scent did the job.

Mosquitno Spotzzz on lifejacket

Mosquitno Spotzzz on lifejacket

The Spots don’t leave residue on clothing and peel off easily. I wouldn’t hesitate to put one on my shirt or bottom of my pant legs.

The citronella scent is strong. This probably isn’t a product that’s going to be alright for people who are sensitive to strong smells. Even outdoors I thought it was a bit much but it was an acceptable trade off to being bitten and itchy. I wasn’t impressed with the Band but having the Spots in a concentrated area, mainly around my face, worked much better for me.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Mosquitno Bands and Spotz for free from Mosquitno as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations in consideration for review publication.


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