UFO on East Musquash Lake?

I was on my way to hunt yesterday morning when something caught my eye. A large brown object was in East Musquash Lake on Route 6 in Topsfield. My first thought was a moose was swimming across the lake but I quickly realized it wasn’t that. It was too big to be the head of a moose. I looked in the rear view mirror. Nothing behind me so I pulled over along the guard rail and grabbed my camera out of my hunting pack.

Hmmm… Not a tree. What IS that Unidentified Floating Object? Feathers? Are those feathers? Yes, feathers. I haven’t seen the loons in a week or so and anyway, it was too fluffy to be a loon. Too large to be a duck and again, all that fluff. This wasn’t a water bird. After snapping a few fuzzy photos (because aren’t UFO photos supposed to be fuzzy?) I drove further up Route 6 and pulled over in a safer spot. The lens was strained to its max on a camera that isn’t great in anything but bright light but it was good enough to solve the mystery.

Eastern Wild Turkey

One of the oddest things I’ve ever seen. What happened?

It is a turkey. A dead turkey, floating on its back on the lake. I have two thoughts of what might have happened? What do you think?

Maybe a Great Horned Owl attacked the turkey as it slept in a tree the previous night. There are a lot of large trees at the edge of the lake and there are turkeys in the area on a regular basis. Or maybe it got hit and landed in the water. I don’t know. It’s one of the oddest things I’ve seen outdoors. Any suggestions?


Robin Follette

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