The underground railroad in Grand Falls Flowage

A couple of days after I wrote about fishing on the Grand Falls Flowage I received a note from Dick Miles. He said, “Have you thought of doing a story on the old railroad bed in the GF Flowage? Great fishing in those coves too!”

An old railroad bed? Under water? Really? I’ve lived in this area for 22 years and had no idea. Never heard of it. Seems like someone would mention a railroad under the flowage some time during 22 years of conversations but it didn’t come up. Interesting. Dick said he was surprised that more locals don’t know about it, and that made me feel better. I’m not the only one missing the boat…or train tracks.

The railroad bed is at the south edge of Grand Falls Flowage. /According to Dick, “The cove in the middle of the photo is the one with the best fishing.  It is full of old dead-heads and large old hemlock stumps with massive root systems; great hiding places for smallmouth.”

Dick sent this spectacular photo of an American bald eagle sitting on part of the bed.

eagle on railroad tracks Dick Miles

Photo courtesy of Dick Miles

According to Down River Camps website, “Around the turn of the last century when a train was the only way to get here, progress set in. They tore up the railroad tracks and Canada/America decided to flood the west branch of the St Croix River and put in a Hydro-Dam. Thus,…The Grand Falls Flowage.”

Dick says the fishing around the railroad bed is excellent, and I’d like to see this for myself. It’s not often you hear about railroad beds underwater. I wonder if I can convince Steve to go back and dodge the logs again?

Thank you, Dick, for the information and photo!

Robin Follette

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