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The Eagles of Maggurewock Marsh

The American Bald eagles of Magurrewock Marsh in Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge in Baring can be seen in their nesting area on Rt 1 nearly year round. When I stopped to take these photos on March 21 or 22 neither were on the nest. I pushed the lens to its max on a gray day […]

Life in the Woods: Bald Eagle

Bald eagles are a wonderful sight…most of the time. When one is perched high in a tree and glancing at my ducks and chickens I get a bit concerned. Our English shepherd spent a couple of hours in the pen with the birds this afternoon to keep them safe.

The underground railroad in Grand Falls Flowage

eagle on railroad tracks Dick Miles

A couple of days after I wrote about fishing on the Grand Falls Flowage I received a note from Dick Miles. He said, “Have you thought of doing a story on the old railroad bed in the GF Flowage? Great fishing in those coves too!” An old railroad bed? Under water? Really? I’ve lived in […]

Bathing Bald Eagle

On my way home from Wabanaki Wilderness (archery shop) earlier this week I drove through Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge to Magurrewock Marsh. I hoped the pair of American bald eagles would be there, and I wasn’t disappointed. I spotted the first eagle on the nesting platform just off Rt 1 in Baring. The 300 mm […]