HSUS for Fair Bear Hunting?

HSUS for Fair…wait…did you think the name of this entity was Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting? mmm…so did a lot of folks. “Mainers” in this case is code word for Humane Society of the United States, based in Washington, DC. Their website is fairbearhunt.com, and the name of the website is typed into the software correctly. Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting. MAINERS. Mainers. Mainers. Take a look at the WhoIs registry.

Mainers are known for their sometimes bold honesty. There’s nothing honest about this poorly disguised name.  Nice try, Kate Hansberry. This is as honest as your lack of knowledge (you’re an attorney, no?) in filing legal documents in Maine.

Registered through: Enom, Inc
Domain name: fairbearhunt.com

Administrative Contact:
Domain Administrator (email@hsus.org)
2100 L St., NW
Washington, DC 20037

Sitting in the tree stand over the bait barrel gives me lots of time to think. I wondered yesterday afternoon if the folks who are opposed to holding a bear by the paw with a snare are folks who tie their dogs out by the neck. A bear can slip a snare just as a dog can slip a collar. Now wait…don’t say “no they can’t” until you’ve done some research. Look into it. Don’t be lead around by the nose by HSUS. They’re the folks who haven’t done their research in Maine and fall back on other states. What do they know about Maine? They’re in Washington, DC. Do they have a Fair Chase Grocery Store for their factory farmed meat in DC?

Food for thought on a drizzly Sunday morning.

Robin Follette

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