Family and Friends

Kristin and Matt came home during their vacations. We spent a day last weekend with family and friends at camp, pigging out on lobster, hamburgers, hotdogs and salads, cruising the lake in Dad’s pontoon boat, kids tubing, and kayaking.

Michelle and Ken are from Ohio. They vacationed in Maine for two weeks. Ken paddled when he lived in Eastport as a kid. Michelle was learning how to kayak.

We missed Taylor. She was busy checking in new students at college, getting settled in for her junior year of wildlife biology.Steve and Matt did a little fishing. We had our Labor Day celebration early. And then everyone went home, except Kristin.

Kristin stayed a few more days. We picked five pounds of blackberries that she took back to Massachusetts to turn into wine. With the berry bowl full, we went home to lobster rolls for lunch, and got ready for an afternoon and evening on Spednic Lake.

We haven’t fished for a while. The water warmed up early this year and stayed warm through the hot spell. Fish wear out faster in warm water and even a 30-second fight can be too much for a fish that’s going to be released. It was good to be back on the water. The fishing was slow at first. It was sunny and in the 70*s. Fishing was slow at first but picked up after an hour.

Kristin, who hasn’t done much fishing since we went ice fishing last winter, out-fished us. Steve was distracted by driving the boat since the trolling motor wasn’t working. I caught three or four. Kristin caught eight.

This weekend’s weather makes me glad we had our fun planned for last weekend. I hope everyone’s enjoying their long weekend, or not working too terribly hard today, in spite of the weather.

Robin Follette

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