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Because Dad taught me to fish

Bob "Ski" Olesky, Dow Air Force Base, 1961

In honor of my dad, Bob “Ski” Olesky, with thanks for the many lessons I learned because he taught me to fish. Dad taught me how to fish. I think we must have started the day after we came home from the Philippines because I don’t remember not fishing. He gave me a small pole, […]

Lifetime licenses are an investment in the future

Lifetime hunting and fishing licenses.

Lauren Cormier blogs over at Oh, Honestly!  She’s guest blogging with me today after purchasing lifetime hunting and fishing licenses for her sons (Her daughter isn’t quite two yet but will have hers in plenty of time.). Thanks, Lauren! I love to hear about kids who love the outdoors. By Lauren Cormier I grew up […]

After the ice storm

This is what my corner of northern Washington County looks like after the ice storm, and before yesterday’s snowfall. These are the most recent photos I have. We lost WiFi during the storm so I’m using the limited service on cell phone’s hotspot. It’s going to be a while before the ice melts from the […]

Family and Friends

Kristin and Matt came home during their vacations. We spent a day last weekend with family and friends at camp, pigging out on lobster, hamburgers, hotdogs and salads, cruising the lake in Dad’s pontoon boat, kids tubing, and kayaking. We missed Taylor. She was busy checking in new students at college, getting settled in for […]

Bass Fishing on Spednic Lake

Spednic Lake Landing in Forest City

We loaded up the boat (By “we” I mean Steve. I haven’t mastered trailers yet.) and headed to Spednic Lake yesterday morning. Taylor’s home for four days from her summer internship and was able to go fishing with us. The landing is shallow and requires a lot of distance before the boat lifts off the […]

The grand opening of Princeton Farmers Market

It’s Thursday afternoon. A sandwich board sign sits on Rt 1 at the end of West Street in Princeton, pointing you in the direction of Princeton Farmers Market. Just down West Street there’s another sandwich board pointing to the ball field. If you blink you could miss the row of eight vendors set up past […]

Getting comfortable outdoors: 10 simple things to do

You don’t have to be a landowner or live in the country or woods to enjoy the outdoors. Here are 10 things that will get you going outside and maybe even learning new skills. Hike locally. You might not have to go far to find a hiking trail or dirt road. Check for no trespassing […]

You Can Take the Girl Out of the Woods

You can take the girl out of the woods when she moves to Boston but you can’t take the love of the outdoors out of my  girl. It started in December when we gave Kristin and Matt their non-resident fishing licenses for Christmas. Kristin is our oldest daughter. She’s engaged to Matt. Kristin hasn’t been […]

Hooked On Fishing – Not On Drugs with Joey, Zachary and Kaylee

Jaime and Kaylee ice fishing with a pole.

Hooked On Fishing – Not On Drugs (HOFNOD) is a program I’ve been involved with for a short time. I became a certified instructor last year through Inland Fisheries & Wildlife. I grew up fishing and so did my kids. With my own kids grown and flown, it’s time to share my love of fishing […]

Our Second Generation of Women Hunters

What a great day we had. I’m still thinking about it two weeks later. My 19 year old daughter Taylor, a wildlife biology and biology major in college, was home for Thanksgiving break. Taylor completed the hunter safety course in October, scoring a 100% on her exam, and purchased her hunting license. During Thanksgiving break, […]

The Christmas Tree – A Family Tradition

Getting the Christmas tree is a big deal at my house. I want it to be full and no less than seven feet tall. Not 20′ tall. Just seven. This starts way back in my childhood. Two weeks before Christmas we’d load into the station wagon (Mum, Dad, my sister Melissa, myself) and drive from […]