Breakfast with dandelions

Dandelion greens – those things my mother made me eat as a child and then said, “Don’t screw your face up like that, they’re good.” They weren’t good. They weren’t. Nothing made them good…except time. I don’t know why. They’re dandelion greens. They haven’t changed. But now they taste good. Mum would laugh and say, “I told you so.”

Dandelion greens are great in scrambled eggs

Dandelion greens are great in scrambled eggs

I picked a few young dandelion leaves this morning, washed them well, and chopped them with kale, onions, a mushroom, and fresh sage and basil plucked off the windowsill plants. While they cooked I scrambled a duck egg and a duck egg white (so much fat in those tasty yolks…), mixed it into the veggies and made myself a delicious breakfast.

I didn’t soak this morning’s greens but if I’m going to use them as a main green in a meal I do. Soaking in cold water with a couple of water changes does seem to make them less bitter. They’re too strong for most tastes if they’ve started to grow a flower. They’re delicious soaked and drained, dried in a towel or salad spinner, and sautéed with bacon or salt pork.

What wild foods are you eating this spring? I’m interested in Japanese Knot Weed and would love a recipe or two if you have one to share.

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