2nd Annual Chamberlain March Half Marathon and 5K

It snowed four weekends in a row and random days during the week leading up to the 2nd Annual Chamberlain March Half Marathon and 5K. My daughter Kristin and her friends Lindsay and Jamie signed up to run the half marathon (Kristin and Jamie) and 5K. Kristin and Jamie had only eights weeks to train. Lindsay had about 10 days. Good weather would make their first half marathon and run much easier.

Mother Nature sided with the girls and everyone else running Saturday morning. The sky was clear. Lindsay was one of those runners who ran the extra 1.4 miles on the poorly marked route and ran closer to five miles than 5K. She was at the finish line waiting for Kristin and Jamie.

We watched and waited for our girls in pink to come into view. My heart skipped a beat when they got close enough to see their faces through the camera lens. No mom, even when her “baby” is in her late 20’s, wants to see pain on her child’s face.

2nd Annual Chamberlain March Half Marathon and 5K, Kristin Follette, Jamie Flagg

The look of determination.  Kristin and Jamie.

I could see the look of determination as she got closer to the finish line. They’re approximately one-quarter mile from the end here. She’s been thrown from and kicked by horses, tossed in the air and caught other flyers as a varsity cheerleader, and worked hard in general. Kristin doesn’t quit no matter how hard something might be.

This photo is the story of a woman who is in pain but determined to finish, and a best friend who encouraged her through the last hard mile. “We’re doing this!” “Keep going!” May we all have a best friend who will help us through the hard mile.

2nd Annual Chamberlain March Half Marathon and 5K

Keep going!  Kristin and Jamie.

2nd Annual Chamberlain March Half Marathon and 5K

Big smiles! Kristin and Jamie seconds before they finished the half marathon.

I’m proud of these women. With little training time they ran a half marathon and 5K. They’re signed up for another race and probably one or two more.

2nd Annual Chamberlain March Half Marathon and 5K

Jamie, Kristin (my daughter) and Lindsay after running the 2nd Annual Chamberlain March Half Marathon and 5K

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